RS Black Edition - Official Ball of the Stockholm Junior Tour 2016

Stockholm junior tour   RS has the pleasure to announce that the RS Black Edition will be the official ball of the elite series of tournaments in "Stockholm Junior Tour". The series consists of 9 tournaments including the Stockholm Regional Championships as well as the Masters event as the finish of the tour. "This shows that the RS Black Edition is a great ball and that RS as a company is working in the right direction. After only two years, the RS ball is seen as one of the best balls available on the market. I look forward to see my tennis ball as the official ball of this important junior tour for the Stockholm juniors. I also look forward to initiate new relationships with some of the organizing clubs that have not used the RS Black Edition in its club before. I also want to take the opportunity to thank Anders Heimklo and Per Henricsson at Tennis Stockholm Federation for a very good dialogue and partnership" says Robin Söderling in a comment after the announcement.

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