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Robin Söderling was once asked,
which is the best tennis ball you have ever played with?

As he couldn’t answer that question he decided to develop his own. A ball he’s very proud to say is the best he ever used on the court. A ball with no compromises in quality, material, durability or feel.

After months and months in labs, high tech production facilities and on tennis courts, Robin and his product development team were finally ready to introduce the RS All Court Black Edition to tennis players worldwide. It is designed and developed by a true tennis professional, someone who really understands what a ball should feel like.

RS loves tennis. RS loves quality. RS loves material and RS loves clean design. With all these elements combined, we have created a new and fresh tennis brand.

We always aim to bring that little extra to our clients. Our products are developed for the premium segment. But that is not enough. We strive to package our products in a simple but tasteful way that follows the heritage of Scandinavian design.

We started out with tennis balls but today you find a wide range of RS tennis accessories developed for you, that makes your tennis experience a little different. In what way is up to you to tell.

With our team of engineers, product developers, and other well known players, RS produces truly astonishing products with the absolute best materials and most meticulous production the tennis world has ever seen.

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