The first tennis ball ever
to be developed by an ATP champion.

“This is the world No 1 of tennis balls”

Tweet by an international
tennis equipment editor

About us

Robin Söderling was once asked,
which is the best tennis ball you have ever played with?

As he couldn’t answer that question he decided to develop his own. A ball he’s very proud to say is the best he ever used on the court. A ball with no compromises in quality, material, durability or feel.

After months and months in labs, high tech production facilities and on tennis courts, Robin and his product development team were finally ready to introduce the RS All Court Black Edition to tennis players worldwide. It is designed and developed by a true tennis professional, someone who really understands what a ball should feel like.

RS loves tennis. RS loves quality. RS loves material and RS loves clean design. With all these elements combined, we have created a new and fresh tennis brand.

We always aim to bring that little extra to our clients. Our products are developed for the premium segment. But that is not enough. We strive to package our products in a simple but tasteful way that follows the heritage of Scandinavian design.

We started out with tennis balls but today you find a wide range of RS tennis accessories developed for you, that makes your tennis experience a little different. In what way is up to you to tell.

With our team of engineers, product developers, and other well known players, RS produces truly astonishing products with the absolute best materials and most meticulous production the tennis world has ever seen.


RS All Court Black Edition

RS All Court Black Edition

A professional ball developed by Robin Söderling

  • 4 ball tube
  • Gas ball with an exclusive felt for top quality and amazing feel
  • ITF approved

Recommended price:


RS Green Edition

RS Green Edition

Stage 1 ball for under 10s

  • 3 ball tube – 25% less pressure

  • ITF approved
  • Official ball of the If SO Tour

Recommended price:


RS Orange Edition

RS Orange Edition

Stage 2 ball for kids and beginners

  • 3 ball tube – 50% less pressure

  • ITF approved

  • Official ball of the If SO Tour

Recommended price:


RS Foam Edition

RS Foam Edition

A made in Sweden foam ball with the highest quality

  • 2 ball package. Size: 90 mm

Recommended price:


RS Lyon

RS Lyon

A premium monofilament professional string with round profile

This string gives you great control effects and enables you to use full power with kept control. The RS Lyon has great duability and feels kind to your body.

Dimension: 1,20 or 1,25 mm Length: 660 feet/220m Color: Silver. RS always recommend 1,20 mm for young juniors and older senior players due to its kindness to your body

Recommended price:


RS Lyon string set 12 m

RS Lyon string set 12 m

The RS Lyon co-poly string used by Robin Söderling is also available as a single string set. 12 meters which is well enough for one racket.

Recommended price:


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Sweden stores

Åkersberga Tennisshop

Tennishallen, Åkersberga

59.4802773 18.310783000000015
Älta Tennishall

Älta IP

59.2639186 18.17834670000002
Biwo Racketshop

Hornsgatan 106, Stockholm

59.3173402 18.04928289999998
Fair Play Store

Sparbanken Öresund Fair Play Stadion
Erikslustvägen 56, Malmö
+4640-165570 – butik

55.5897168 12.960491199999979
Farsta Tennishall

Majrovägen 61, Farsta

59.2617086 18.07276520000005

Töpelsgatan 7, Göteborg
+46317738860 – shopen

57.7002596 12.02546689999997

Idrottsvägen 3, Gävle

60.69020459999999 17.13021249999997
HK Sports & Golf

Eskilstoprsvägen 7, Båstad

56.4273307 12.913773699999979
Hörby-Höör Tennisklubb

Tennishallen Hörby

55.851716 13.661925500000052
Kungsängens Tennishall

Skolvägen 22, Kungsängen

59.4798196 17.735990300000026
Ludvika Rackethallen shop

Bilvägen 6
77142 Ludvika

60.1243648 15.178625099999977
Marks TK

Nynäsgatan 36
51156 Kinna

57.5028295 12.670245199999954
Piteå Tennisklubb Shopen

Batterigatan 3 Piteå,
0911- 16600

65.3192176 21.440436200000022
Piteå Tennisklubb, Shopen

Batterigatan 3, Piteå

65.3192176 21.440436200000022
Racketcentrums butik

Mässvägen 6, Jönköping

57.7896324 14.235345700000039
Uppfartsvägen 10, Solna

59.3669421 17.988908700000025
Racketstadion Shop

Racketstadion, Norrköping

58.5888335 16.1363427
Selgo Racketverkstad

TSK Malmen, Fiskartorpsvägen, Stockholm

59.36004450000001 18.08075020000001
Sportclub Tennis

UAB, Perspectus
+370 65 67 67 00

53.4217492 14.477844499999946
Stadium A6

Kompanigatan 50
553 05 Jönköping

Tel: 010-4528678

57.7737619 14.203621300000009
Stadium Backaplan

Motorgatan 2
417 05 Göteborg

Tel: 010-4528495

57.7212472 11.952576799999974
Stadium Barkarby

Flyginfarten 7
177 38 Järfälla

Tel: 010-4528373

59.4197008 17.858525999999983
Stadium Borlänge

Kupolen, Varumottagning 8
781 70 Borlänge

Tel: 010-4528843

60.4738512 15.409251499999982
Stadium Bromma

Ulvsundavägen 191 F
168 67 Bromma

Tel: 010-4528283

59.35785790000001 17.94911389999993
Stadium Drottninggatan

Klara Norra Kyrkogatan 14
111 22 Stockholm

Tel: 010-4528321

59.33285479999999 18.059692900000073
Stadium Elins Esplanad

Köpmannagatan 3, B1
541 45 Skövde

Tel: 010-4528704

58.40552220000001 13.854526999999962
Stadium Emporia

Hyllie Stationsväg 22
215 32 Malmö

Tel: 010-4528449

55.56369189999999 12.972021899999959
Stadium Farsta

Farsta Centrum
123 32 Farsta

Tel: 010-4528218

59.20550220000001 18.148974899999985
Stadium Forum

Dragarbrunnsgatan 43
753 20 Uppsala

Tel: 010-4528798

59.85846559999999 17.641681800000015
Stadium Fredsgatan

Östra Larmgatan 5-7
411 07 Göteborg

Tel: 010-4528513

57.7060738 11.971775999999977
Stadium Hamngatan

Regeringsgatan 55, Malmfaret
111 56 Stockholm

Tel: 010-4528200

59.33491609999999 18.067639999999983
Stadium Kista

Kista Galleria, Danmarksgatan 42
164 91 Kista

Tel: 010-4528276

59.4040092 17.94236449999994
Stadium Kungens Kurva

Tangentvägen 14C
141 75 Huddinge

Tel: 010-452 82 53

59.2681447 17.916808700000047
Stadium Kungsgatan

Norrlandsgatan 29
111 43 Stockholm

Tel: 010-4528246

59.33636359999999 18.070784600000025
Stadium Kungsmässan

Borgmästaregatan 5
434 32 Kungsbacka

Tel: 010-4528569

57.49150929999999 12.075020699999982
Stadium Linköping City

Snickaregatan 32
582 26 Linköping

Tel: 010-4528656

58.4102685 15.628992799999992
Stadium Mobilia

Per Albin Hanssons väg 40
214 32 Malmö

Tel: 010-4528397

55.5811338 13.00352769999995
Stadium Nacka

Vikdalsvägen 6
131 40 Nacka

Tel: 010-4528269

59.31315849999999 18.15818630000001
Stadium Nordby

Nordby Köpcenter
452 70 Strömstad

Tel: 010-4528577

59.06409189999999 11.212736599999971
Stadium Norrköping City

Olai Kyrkogata 48
602 32 Norrköping

Tel: 010-4528638

58.5862401 16.19197840000004
Stadium Ringen

Götgatan 98
118 62 Stockholm

Tel: 010-4528329

59.3089913 18.07560979999994
Stadium S:t Per

S:t Persgatan 10
753 20 Uppsala

Tel: 010-4528805

59.8598018 17.638059200000043
Stadium Samarkand

Lagergatan 8
352 46 Växjö

Tel: 010-4528606

56.8853918 14.76613539999994
Stadium Sergelgatan

Sveavägen 13-15, Hötorgsgaraget
111 57 Stockholm

Tel: 010-4528208

59.3335278 18.06564179999998
Stadium Sickla

Järnvägsgatan 5
131 54 Nacka

Tel: 010-4528343

59.30603459999999 18.124495000000024
Stadium Sisjön

Hantverksvägen 15
436 33 Askim

Tel: 010-4528534

57.6407062 11.947713900000053
Stadium Södergatan

Kalendegatan 23
211 34 Malmö

Tel: 010-4528418

55.60442190000001 13.002969000000007
Stadium Solna

171 45 Solna

Tel: 010-4528232

59.3598873 17.998281599999927
Stadium Stinsen

Norra delen
191 62 Sollentuna

Tel: 010-4528362

59.4413047 17.909669399999984
Stadium Svågertorp

Drakagatan 8
215 86 Malmö

Tel: 010- 4528439

55.5509395 12.987980900000025
Stadium Täby

Östantorget, Lastkaj 1-9
183 34 Täby

Tel: 010-4528296

59.44209739999999 18.066459500000065
Stadium Tornby

582 73 Linköping

Tel: 010-4528663

58.4323364 15.607303000000002
Stadium Triangeln

Johannesgatan 2C
211 46 Malmö

Tel: 010-4528411

55.594482 12.99990790000004
Stadium Umeå

Västra Kyrkogatan 9
903 29 Umeå

Tel: 010-4528888

63.82551169999999 20.268169100000023
Stadium Väla Centrum

Marknadsvägen 1
260 36 Ödåkra-Väla

Tel: 010-4528584

56.0936495 12.75903889999995
Stadium Vällingby

Frostviksfaret, Lastkaj 16
162 68 Vällingby

Tel: 010-4528355

59.3670813 17.869143399999984
Stadium Västerås City

Vasagatan 10
722 14 Västerås

Tel: 010-4528760

59.6100052 16.54650079999999
Stadium Växjö

Kungsgatan 5
352 30 Växjö

Tel: 010-4528599

56.87840809999999 14.80836869999996
Stockholms Tennishall, “Janne Lundqvist”

Elersvgen 37, Stockholm

59.32932349999999 18.068580800000063
Tengo Sport Sweden

Fogdegatan 4
302 33 Halmstad

56.6768212 12.853842699999973
Tennishallen Östersund Frösö Tennisklubb

Genvägen 31, Östersund

63.17972630000001 14.655597499999999
Engelbrektsgatan 63, Göteborg

57.7008021 11.982523399999991
Torekov Hotell

Själaviksvägen 2, Torekov

56.41074860000001 12.632403899999986
Torekovs Golfklubb

Råledsvägen 31, Torekov

56.4408918 12.654142500000034

International stores



RS Lyon strings for sale at Tennis Warehouse US

September 17th, 2015

RS and Tennis Warehouse have entered into a partnership which includes both the 17 and 17L gauge premium polyester string, RS Lyon. The RS Lyon will exclusively be available for sale in the US at Tennis Warehouse and

“It is a milestone for RS to finally after less than 2 years start our expansion to the huge tennis market of the US. We have a great belief in the US tennis market for premium tennis products. We know that a portion of the market in the US look primarly for low prices but we also know that there are a large volume of tennis players that are looking for both premium strings at a decent price but also for a premium tennis ball” says Robin Söderling in a comment after the news been official.

RS tenniswarehouse till rs hemsida 2



RS Black Edition official ball of the ATP 250 If Stockholm Open

September 11th, 2015

RS Black Edition has been chosen as the official tennis ball for the ATP 250 tournament If Stockholm Open. “It feels great that my professional colleagues on the ATP World Tour gets the chance to compete with what I think is the perfect ball”, says Robin Söderling. “It is a fair and honest ball with great feel and a really professional touch. I hope that all the players will feel all the work I´ve put down into this development and I also hope that it will create som buzz and talk among the players and a wish from other tournaments to follow If Stockholm Open and play with RS”.

RS SO 2015


RS and TENNISPRO enter agreement for more than 25 countries

September 8th, 2015

RS and the large tennis retailer have entered an agreement. You can buy the RS Black Edition tennis ball and the RS Lyon strings on as a french customer or at as a customer from more than 25 countries in the world.




mouratoglou tennis academy

Tennispro is delighted to announce its partnership with a partner of choice


Tennispro was founded in 1981. For more than 30 years, Tennispro has been focusing on one single thing and passion : tennis. People working for Tennispro are passionate about this sport, and some of us are true competitors with high French ratings (1/6, 0, -30), while some others just play for fun. For many years now, our wish has been to share our passion of this sport. Our company offers a great selection of articles at the best prices, with a high quality of services. Let’s join us to share our passion.


RS and enter agreement

September 6th, 2015

RS is proud to announce that an agreement has been entered with one of Germanys largest tennis retailers, Centercourt sells both the RS Black Edition tennis ball and the RS Lyon strings, both developed by Robin Söderling.




RS and enter agreement

September 1st, 2015

RS and have entered an agreement effective immediately. Tennisman is a very nice German tennis store with a nice assortment. The ball RS Black Edition is marketed in the ball assortment. We welcome Tennisman to the RS community


Banner 5




RS and Stadium enter agreement

January 25th, 2015

RS and Stadium have signed an agreement for the RS premium tennis ball. Stadium will launch sales of the RS Black Edition in Sweden and Germany in January 2015.


About Stadium
Stadium is Sweden’s largest sports chain with more than 140 stores in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany.


RS signs exclusive agreement with If SO Tour

January 21st, 2015

RS will be the official ball supplier to the If SO Tour 2015. The tour has some 520 tournaments nationwide in Sweden on an annual basis. If SO Tour is the first important step for kids to start compete in this fantastic sport.

Tournaments are divided in three different levels: mini, midi and maxi. The tour will use the RS Green Edition, RS Orange Edition and the RS Foam Edition.


RS signs 2 years exclusive partner agreement with GPTCA

January 13th, 2015

RS will be the official ball partner to the GPTCA and will be used during courses all around the world.

The Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA), is an international organization dedicated to improving the performance of tennis coaches to enable them to help aspiring pro players and take world-class tennis to an even higher level.

The GPTCA is represented in 41 countries by National Presidents. Thanks to the ATP World Tour partnership, the GPTCA is the only association in the world that offers ATP Certified Courses.

Examples of members are: Toni Nadal, Justin Henin, Patrick Mouratoglou and Magnus Norman.



Wall Street Journal

How Sidelined Soderling Keeps Himself On the Ball


Sports Illustrated

Soderling, only man to beat Nadal at French Open, ponders return


New York Times

A Tennis Career Changeover for Robin Soderling


RS Youtube Commercial

Robin Söderling – All Court


Svenska Dagbladet, SvD Sweden

Söderling is focusing on new balls


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