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Robin Söderling has made it again. After the global success with the premium RS Black Edition, Robin decided to develop another exclusive tennis ball.  The new RS Tour Edition has the same premium quality as the RS Black Edition but plays a little bit faster. "I wanted to add an ultimate tournament tennis ball for medium- to slow speed hard courts as well as a perfect clay court ball. This ball will gain a lot of fans from players who seeks a little faster speed to their game as well as for pro players and high performance tournament players also on faster surfaces" says Robin in a comment. RS Tour Edition will have the same price as the RS Black Edition...

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RS has renewed its agreement with Stockholm Open ATP World Tour 250 event

RS has agreed with Lagardére Sports to prolong the OFFICIAL BALL agreement for another 3 years. "Stockholm Open is a strategic piece for RS Tennis. I am very proud and happy that this classic great ATP World Tour event will play with RS tennis balls for 3 more years" says Robin Söderling in a comment after the announcement."This year RS will launch another great tennis ball from RS Tennis and the players in Stockholm Open will be the first ones to play with this new ball. The ball will have a faster speed than the previous RS Black Edition and also use another felt type that makes the ball stay rather small during the play", says Söderling.

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Success for Robin Soderling´s seminar "My Story" in the US

Robin Soderling has been on a road trip in the US during February and March. The purpose has been to meet with a number of college tennis teams to hold his seminar "My Story" where Robin shares a lot of details from his career from early age to the top 4 on the ATP World Tour ranking.  Coaches and teams all over the US have been very satisfied and inspired by meeting with a former world star and the college tennis teams have got a lot of insights and have also been able to ask lots of questions to get advices from Soderling. For interest of book a visit from Robin and listen to his seminar please e-mail to

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